Best Memory Foam Mattress for Beginners in Memory Foam

There are many types of mattresses we can choose from these days, but among the most popular is a memory foam mattress. This is probably one of the reasons why you have decided to change to this type of mattress. While there are some who appreciate memory foam right away, you could be among those individuals who may find the transition from your old mattress to a new memory foam mattress quite intimidating. The truth is that no matter how popular this type is, it is not suited for everyone.

Which Type of Mattress Are You Used To?

To make the transition easier for you, one of the first things to consider is the type of mattress you used before buying a new one. For most people, they are accustomed to the traditional spring coil mattress, which they have been using for at least a decade. Indeed, the transfer can be quite difficult, especially because memory foam and innerspring mattresses don’t have a lot in common.

If you’re used to innerspring, which you may also know as coil or spring mattresses, you will see how different innerspring is from memory foam. Innerspring has been around for several years now, but it is still in production these days. One huge reason for this is because spring mattresses are easier and less expensive to make and to buy. The problem, however, is that the technology used in this type of mattress hasn’t changed much over the years. In short, if you buy a new innerspring mattress now, you wouldn’t feel the difference.

Meanwhile, if you’re used to latex, you’re in the minority on this one. Latex mattresses are known for their durability and their bounce. Most people go for latex mattresses that are natural, but that means they have to shell out huge cash to enjoy this feature. Just like innerspring, latex is much older than memory foam, but the latter seems to be more popular these days than the former.

Now, if you’re partial to waterbeds, they have also been around for years, specifically introduced in the 80s. Waterbeds are used by many people because of their promise to help with back pain. But due to the different comfort levels offered by memory foam mattresses, they have also become a strong contender for people who suffer from back problems.

Finally, there’s the airbed, which is actually a high-selling type of mattress, especially for people who want an adjustable bed. They use air pumps to meet the firmness or the softness preferences of the sleeper. Airbeds are great at relieving pressuring points, but so are memory foam mattresses.

Comparison Chart

To help you see the differences between memory foam and other mattress types, here is a rundown of each of the mattress’ main features:

Features Memory Foam Innerspring Latex Waterbed Airbed
Pain Relief ♥♥♥♥♥    
Durability ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥
Support ♥♥   ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥
Construction ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
Motion Isolation ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥
Easy Maintenance ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥
Noiselessness ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥
Sleeping Cool ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥
Availability ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

How to Make the Transition from Your Old Mattress to Memory Foam Much Easier

Aside from comparing your old mattress with memory foam and knowing the differences between the two, it also helps if you know what to expect out of the new mattress. Part of being a wise buyer is to be informed about what to purchase. These include knowing the brands, reading reviews, knowing your own requirements, and simply doing research to understand the advantages and disadvantages of owning a memory foam mattress.

Among the things that you should learn about in buying a mattress is the guarantee. Brands now offer in-home trials, which give the buyer a window to return or exchange the product if they are not happy with it. This is important for newbies in memory foam, especially because it takes some time to adjust to the new mattress. It is therefore useful to go for a brand that offers at least 30 days for the trial period. Don’t worry though; there are many brands, particularly the trustworthy ones that can offer at least 90 days for the trial period. Remember to check the terms associated with the guarantees though, including the return method, the fees, and whether or not you can really return the product with your money back in full.

Delivery and Receiving the Mattress

Once you have ordered your bed, the next step is to wait for the delivery. You can bring the mattress home yourself, but even local stores now will offer a delivery service in which you will receive your mattress in just a few days. Meanwhile, if you’re an online buyer, you can expect the memory foam mattress to arrive in your home within one to two weeks through a common carrier or two to five weeks through freight. The shipping period is always indicated when you make a purchase.

Upon receiving the mattress, the first thing you have to ensure is if it is supported by your bed. Many memory foam mattresses require slats or a solid top foundation as well as a frame to support your weight and the mattress. The mattress could arrive in full size, which means you can simply put it straight on the frame. Compressed mattresses are a bit more work as you will have to follow the directions from the manufacturer to correctly unroll and decompress it. These processes could take a few hours, but there are some that require more than a day of waiting. There are also memory foam mattresses that have strong odors, which may be a problem for many people with sensitive sense of smell. You can, however, reduce this issue by leaving the mattress in a well-ventilated area for at least a day.

Adjusting to the New Mattress

Once the mattress is set up and ready for use, there are some things you should know about to make the transition really smooth.

1. Understand that memory foam mattresses are quite different from other mattresses, particularly innerspring mattresses.

2. Your body will need time to adjust, so allow it to get used to the new bed. The feeling will definitely be different compared to your old mattress.

3. Your back and other parts of the body, particularly the heavy parts, are now fully supported.

4. You will experience better sleep, especially if you used to keep tossing and turning.

5. The first week or so will give your back a little bit of tension. Some people don’t go through this, but it is possible to feel the stiffness, especially because you’re new to this type of mattress. However, after a few days, you will feel better because there is less pressure and your body’s natural alignment is supported.

6. Give the mattress at least 30 days before you decide to return or exchange it. This will allow you to discern whether or not this mattress type is for you. If after one or two months and you’re still not comfortable, consider the exchange. Memory foam mattresses aren’t created alike, but about 80 to 82 percent of consumers report that they are satisfied with their bed.

7. Expect the mattress to soften just a bit within the first year. The level of softness will depend on the mattress density as well as your weight. Therefore, if you’re heavier and the mattress is of low density, the softness will be more pronounce.

8. Buying online means that you will have no idea about the firmness level of the mattress. In this case, if it is too firm for you, you don’t have to return it just yet. You can increase its softness by walking on the mattress’ surface, which can help open up the cells.

9. Many newbies have commented how the first few nights will feel as if they were sleeping on a brick wall. The adjustment period could take a week up to two weeks, but you could get used to it faster.

10. It is true that the first time you lay down on the mattress it will feel a bit hard, but you will soon sink into the mattress. You will feel that the foam absorbs your body weight and it will disperse it throughout the mattress. Then, you will feel how it contours to your body, which will give you a much better quality of sleep. At this time, you will find that the mattress is quite comfortable, especially when lying on your back. There are mattresses though that are designed for side and stomach sleepers, so make sure you choose well.

11. If you’re worried about maintaining the mattress and extending its life, memory foam is actually easy to care for. You don’t have to flip the mattress, but you may need to rotate it every once in a while, so that it will wear evenly. A good rule of thumb is to rotate the mattress once every six months. You can also vacuum the surface using a hose attachment to get rid of the allergens and dust. A mattress protector can also be helpful, particularly in keeping the mattress free from stains, dust, and spills.

Memory foam mattresses have numerous benefits for your sleep, but this doesn’t mean all kinds of memory foam will work for you the same way as the others. This is why it is essential to choose the best option for you and your needs.

Best Mattresses for Memory Foam Beginners

There is no one “best” mattress because everyone’s requirements and preferences differ. However, there are definitely BAD mattresses that you should avoid. The following memory foam mattresses offer great value, comfort, and features, which is why you should certainly consider them as you shop for your new bed:

1. Amerisleep Liberty

Mattress Rating  
Lifespan and Durability
Sleep Temperature
Motion Isolation

Why This is the Top Choice for Beginners in Memory Foam: Amerisleep Liberty is a plant-based memory foam mattress. This means that it uses mostly natural materials, so it is not only eco-friendly, but also great for people with allergies and those looking for a mattress that doesn’t use synthetic materials. Liberty is quite affordable and yet comes with attractive features that are present in mostly expensive brands.

Why You’ll Like This Mattress

Amerisleep Liberty comes with the following advantages over its competitors:

– Strong warranty

– Great price

– 100-days in-home trial

– Excellent materials used

– From an established company

– Great reviews

– Free shipping

Why You May Not Like the Liberty Mattress

One common complaint about the Amerisleep Liberty mattress is that it only has one firmness level. It does aim to meet most of the sleepers’ preferences by providing a medium soft mattress. This means it is not too firm and not too soft. However, firmness or comfort is subjective, so what’s firm or soft for you may not be the same for others.

Amerisleep Liberty Review

Amerisleep is an established brand and has set itself apart from the many memory foam mattress brands today by using bio or plant-based foam. The company has a solid reputation with over a decade of experience in the business and their products have had very positive reviews from both online reviewers and owners.

Amerisleep can be compared to iComfort and Tempurpedic, particularly when it comes to specifications and quality. The main difference is that Amerisleep offers much lower prices for their products and there are no luxury markups, which are usually present in the mentioned brands and other big names in the market. Another difference that you will notice is Amerisleep is quite open and informative regarding their products. They provide detailed descriptions about their mattresses, which show their high degree of transparency, while enabling consumers make well-informed decisions.

As for the Liberty bed, it has high quality materials, along with great cooling features, attractive price, and unique cover that can deliver superb comfort.

Important Information about the Memory Foam in This Mattress

As you already know, Liberty is a memory foam mattress. It has four pounds of bio-based foam that comes with a transitional Affinity layer, which is designed to provide plush support. The mattress easily contours to the body no matter what your preferred sleep position is. What’s more, it is paired with a fabric cover that’s so smart as it can absorb and transform heat from the body into infrared. This fabric uses fibers from minerals and is called Celliant. With the combination, it results to a more comfortable sleep that lets you stay cool all night.

The mattress is medium soft and is therefore recommended for people who sleep on their side. However, it also fits the requirements for comfort of those who sleep on their back, especially those who are heavier than average people. The mattress is also good for people who keep changing positions as they sleep. The Liberty bed is also ideal for sleepers who want a little more cushion, but doesn’t feel very soft and firm at the same time.

Other Great Features of the Mattress

Memory foam has always been known for its ability to restrict motion transfer. If you share your bed with someone who keeps tossing and turning, you won’t be disturbed by their movements since they can barely be felt. Because of the medium density foams of the mattress, Liberty absorbs motion quite easily. And because it is a plush model from Amerisleep, it will contour readily to your body, while keeping you afloat the mattress. This keeps you comfortable and won’t let you feel too warm. Additionally, this feature stops you from sinking too deep into the mattress, so your body still gets the support it needs.

Speaking of support, the Liberty bed comes with good edge support, so you can sit on the edges without the mattress losing shape and strength. It also comes with durable foams, which is a little surprising given its affordability and its plushness.

2. Tempurpedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe

Mattress Rating  
Lifespan and Durability ♥♥♥♥
Warranty ♥♥♥
Construction ♥♥♥♥♥
Sleep Temperature ♥♥♥♥
Motion Isolation ♥♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥

Why Memory Foam Beginners Should Consider This Mattress: For a lot of beginners in memory foam, opting for a softer mattress is a good choice. Tempurpedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe is considered the softest out of the Contour collection and because it is a “Contour” model, expect it to conform to your body shape effectively.

Why You’ll Like This Mattress

Whether or not you’re new to memory foam, you’ve probably heard about Tempurpedic, which is one of the biggest names in the memory foam mattress market. Aside from the brand name, here are some qualities you’ll likely be pleased about this model:

– High density foam

– Great contouring

– Soft, but still a little firm

– Good for stomach and back sleepers

– Good for those who keep changing positions while sleeping

– Ideal for people who are a little heavier than average

– Recommended for couples

Why You May Want to Avoid This Tempurpedic Mattress

Side sleepers may not appreciate this mattress from Tempurpedic. While the company considers this model as their softest out of the Contour series, many owners believed it is too firm for them, particularly those who sleep on their side. Heavier side sleepers may not have a problem with the firmness though.

Aside from the differing opinions about the comfort level of the mattress, Tempurpedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe is very expensive. In fact, it is the most expensive out of all the Contour models from the brand. Unless you have no problem with your budget and you’re really set on getting a Tempurpedic mattress for yourself, you may want to skip this option since you can definitely get better value and features from other lower priced mattresses.

Tempurpedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe Review

As mentioned, Rhapsody Luxe is the softest model from the Contour collection of Tempurpedic. It features a removable cover that you can wash whenever you want, just like the other models in the series.  As for the layers, the comfort layer is made of Tempur-HD material that is two inches thick while the support layer is 0.5 inch thicker and uses Tempur material. Finally, the base layer is quite thick with nine inches profile.

The other popular models in the series are Elite and Supreme. When compared to these two, Rhapsody Luxe has a comfort layer that is thicker. This means that sleepers can enjoy more HD foam and contouring, which is why it is the softest out of the bunch.

Unlike Amerisleep though, Tempurpedic does not disclose the densities and the specifications of the materials used in their mattresses. Nevertheless, you can guess how thick the mattress is; all in all it has a profile of 13.5 inches and may weigh around 110 pounds for the queen size.

Owners of the Tempurpedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe say the mattress can really reduce pressure points efficiently and it is also quite supportive. However, others note that it has a strong smell when new. This is actually a common complaint among the other models in the Contour series. The smell usually goes away after a day or two, but there are some people who noted they still had an off-gassing problem after a week. The high price tag is also a huge issue, especially because there’s no transparency in the materials and the specs of the mattress.

Despite some of the issues mentioned, Tempurpedic Contour Rhapsody Luxe is still a good option for beginners in memory foam. If you want a medium firm mattress and you sleep on your stomach or back or are a little heavy, you will appreciate the extra thickness of the mattress.

3. Nature’s Sleep Emerald

Mattress Rating  
Lifespan and Durability ♥♥♥♥
Warranty ♥♥♥♥
Construction ♥♥♥♥
Sleep Temperature ♥♥♥♥
Motion Isolation ♥♥♥♥
Price ♥♥♥♥

Why This Mattress is a Great Choice for Beginners in Memory Foam: The mattress aims to be very comfortable with layers that are made to provide a good level of support, while nicely conforming to the body and relieving pressure points.

Why You’ll Like the Emerald Mattress from Nature’s Sleep

Here are the top reasons why you should consider this mattress:

– Very comfortable

– Uses high density foams

– Helps reduce pain by relieving pressure points

– Good for stomach sleepers

– Not too soft and not too firm

– Conforms to the body shape

Why You May Want to Avoid This Mattress

One reason why some people don’t like this mattress is because it doesn’t have a trial period. There’s also an issue of off-gassing and some people complain about the limited sizes available. Emerald from Nature’s Sleep is available in Twin XL, King and California King, and Queen only. Another issue for some people is that, unlike Amerisleep and Tempurpedic, they haven’t really heard about Nature’s Sleep.

Nature’s Sleep Emerald Review

Here’s another good choice for newbies in memory foam: Nature’s Sleep. The brand sells their products online. Currently, they have about 16 mattresses, plus one that’s suitable for a sofa bed. The mattresses differ in cost, comfort level, and feel.

As for Emerald, the mattress consists of an inch of visco memory foam, which is a part of the quilted layer at the topmost of the mattress. It is soft and is comfortable, while adjusting with you as you sleep. It is also temperature-sensitive, so you won’t sleep too hot or too cold at night. The second layer consists of a two-inch gel memory foam that they call superior gel technology (SGT). The gel layer aims to keep the mattress and the sleeper cool, which is particularly helpful for people who sleep hot. The gel layer is said to pull away heat coming from the topmost layer and ejects it to the sides and the lower part of the mattress.

The third layer consists of another inch of Vitex memory foam, which is a type of foam is exclusive to Nature’s Sleep. It is said to be more responsive and can help with pressure relief, while providing adequate support. Finally, the fourth layer has eight inch HD support foam as the foundation of the Emerald mattress.

The cover of the mattress is quite thin, but is a little heavy for its density. It is also sturdy and may be able to help with the flow of air throughout the mattress. You can remove the cover for spot cleaning, but you can’t wash it with your machine. It is also resistant to microbes and allergens.

Gel foams may sound attractive, especially to beginners in memory foam mattress. However, the biggest problem with such foam is that it is largely dependent on the temperature of the room. This means that if the room is cold, it will be firm and if it is warm, you will notice that it is much softer. It also becomes softer when you lie down, simply because of your body heat. Nevertheless, Nature’s Sleep Emerald acts like most gel memory foam mattresses in the market today and offers ample hug and contouring.

If you’re looking for a luxurious memory foam mattress and you don’t really care much about the big players such as Tempurpedic, this mattress from Nature’s Sleep is a good alternative. It is, however, still pricey.

More Tips for Buying Memory Foam Mattresses for the First Time

It is important to understand that memory foam isn’t for everyone. You shouldn’t expect to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud even if the mattress claims to be soft. Most of the time, memory foam owners say their bed is firm, but over time, you can expect it to become softer. The adjustment period depends on the mattress and the individual. With those things out of the way, here are even more tips to make sure your experience with memory foam won’t be short-lived:

1. When you research about memory foam, you will most definitely read about temperature sensitivity. This is because this type of mattress reacts to the room and body temperatures. Take note of the terms used in the foam you want to buy as there many types of memory foams available. One is viscoelastic or visco memory foam, which is actually softer in environments that are warm and becomes a little firmer in cold temperatures. The same thing happens in gel memory foam mattresses, so it is important to get the right level of firmness. Although it is true that comfort is subjective, some mattresses are definitely more comfortable than others.

2. You could also encounter complaints about memory foam mattresses, which is why it is important to understand its pros and cons. One big issue is that this type of mattress sleeps hot. Compared to traditional spring mattresses and even latex mattresses, memory foam can really become hot due to the fact that it conforms to the body. As it hugs and lets the sleeper sink into the mattress, this could become quite uncomfortable and a little warmer than what the person wants. If you are a hot sleeper or you sweat a lot at night, you don’t have to avoid memory foam. Look for one that offers a ventilation system that promotes good airflow throughout the mattress.

3. Another issue with memory foam mattress is the price. Compared to spring mattresses, memory foam is definitely pricier. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find something that’s within your budget. Check our Amerisleep, which offers high-quality mattresses for a competitive price.

4. Upon receiving your new memory foam mattress, you shouldn’t expect it to be light. In fact, it is quite heavy as this material is one of the thickest polyurethane foams today. A cube one meter can weigh up to six pounds. Tempurpedic foam actually weighs 5.34 pounds and this can be a problem for those who are trying to move the mattress without help.

5. Another thing you should know about memory foam is that there could be odor Oftentimes, the odor isn’t harmful, but it can annoy many people.

There is indeed a huge difference between a cheap memory foam mattress and one that is of good quality. For instance, if you are sensitive to smell, there is a huge chance you won’t notice the off-gassing of good quality foam. Others will require only a day or two and the odor will dissipate completely. Unfortunately for cheaper mattresses, they can emit odor indefinitely. You surely don’t want to sleep on a bed that smells.

Just like with most of the other things you buy, you get what you pay for with memory foam mattresses. While this doesn’t mean you have to pay several thousands of money for your next bed, you should be aware of the consequences of buying cheap mattresses. Since you will spend nearly a third of your life sleeping, it is only right to invest on a good memory foam mattress that can offer lasting comfort and great features.