Mattresses with the Most Satisfied Owners

There are so many different mattresses on the market today. It does act like a double edged sword since it gives a lot of options for the consumers, but at the same time, these numerous options can easily cause confusion. There are choices, such as pure memory foam, which seem to be quite popular these days. There are also natural mattresses since many people are worried about the use of unknown chemicals in their bed, which can aggravate some health issues, including allergies. There are also some mattresses that claim to be “luxury” or “premium” and they are offered at half the price. There is indeed a sea of options and the mattress companies all have their marketing strategies to entice customers to buy their product.

We can expect that the mattress market will be saturated with more online companies emerging into the space. Some consumers welcome the convenience they bring, while others are skeptical about buying a mattress online. But these online companies are definitely becoming quite competitive and are slowly but steadily gaining a solid customer base.

Types of Mattresses that are Popular among Happy Customers

When customers find the right mattress for them, they end up as the winners in the aggressive mattress market. Shopping for a mattress is something personal – one that can vary from one person to another. Basically, it is important to buy a mattress that keeps your spine in its natural alignment no matter what your sleep position is, just like when you’re standing up. There are other factors that can affect your decision though, such as your weight. Many years ago, consumers only had to choose the softness or firmness of the spring mattress. These days, however, there are a ton of options, including memory foam, latex, and even airbeds.

But which of these types of mattress have the most satisfied customers?

Based on the chart above, memory foam mattresses have the most number of satisfied customers. Most of the mattresses that are considered top-notch come from this type. Meanwhile, innerspring, which is the traditional type of mattress that a lot of people still prefer, doesn’t garner much support even from the many buyers. Interestingly, the mattress types, except memory foam, increase in satisfaction rating as they become more expensive. Meanwhile, memory foam mattresses have happy customers, particularly those that cost around $900 to $1800.

Why Many Consumers are Now Choosing Memory Foam over Spring Mattresses

The very first memory foam was created in the early 1970s and the NASA scientists were behind its invention. The mission is to develop a material that would relieve astronauts from pressure when they sit in the rocket cockpits, which could hurt them during blastoff and its extreme forces. The memory foam mattresses that are sold today are of course a more improved version of the technology used before.

As we sleep, our bones get in the way. So you can say that without bones and you were just a huge blob of fat and muscle, you’d sleep so comfortably. Unfortunately, that’s not how our body works because all the tissues in our body are wrapped around our skeleton, which is a very hard structure. Traditional beds before used to have a mattress with coiled metal springs under a soft material. When you lean on it, the mattress will give in but won’t conform to your body shape, unless there are dozens of metal coils assembled in small pockets. With this type of mattress, lying on your back will let your buttocks press further than the other parts of the body, causing the spine to be unsupported. The next day, you wake up with a backache. But what if you lie on your side? The same thing happens, but this time, your shoulders and your hips will press down more. This will give you a very uncomfortable feeling and only a portion of your body weight is supported.

Here is the difference with memory foam and it’s incredibly simple. You’re not going to sleep on springs; instead, you’re on top of very thick foam that yields where your body sinks. Technically, it is known as viscoelastic where visco is from viscous, which means that it moves albeit reluctantly whenever there is force and elastic, which means that it will return to its original shape once the force is removed.

More about Spring Mattress vs. Memory Foam Mattress

The construction and the materials used in making spring mattresses are actually quite cheap. Yet, you can find some innerspring brands that sell their mattresses for over $3,000. Spring mattresses can give the illusion that they are quite comfortable at first. Most of them have fancy pillow tops, but the real problem with them is that they don’t really provide adequate pressure relief. The back often suffers, along with the pelvis and the buttocks and these pressure points can cause pain in the hip and shoulder area when you wake up. Lack of blood circulation can equate to dead arms as well.

Why is there so much pressure in spring mattresses? It’s because these mattresses don’t conform to the shape of the body; rather, they push back against the body with the same force applied by the sleeper. It is indeed hard to achieve proper support because the body is uneven where the heavier parts apply more force than the others. As a result, these heavy parts push down to the mattress, causing discomfort and oftentimes, pain. This is definitely not the way to have a good night’s sleep. It is also a fact that spring mattresses tend to lose more than 15% of their support after the first year alone.

Meanwhile, memory foam is known for its ability to distribute body weight evenly – it’s like having so many little springs to support the body. Pressure points are reduced significantly to 80% or even more for high quality memory foams. With this kind of mattress, tossing and turning is drastically decreased, so you not only sleep comfy at night, but peacefully as well.

This doesn’t mean though that buying any kind of memory foam can lead to a high satisfaction rating. As usual, there are other things to consider, along with the fact that there are many products and brands available. There are also different types of memory foam and some companies choose standard foam over a higher quality one. Additionally, there is the choice whether to buy a mattress online or not. Which channel for purchase produces more happy customers?

  Buying a Mattress the Traditional Way or In a Store Buying a Mattress Online Explanation
Possibility of evaluating the mattress before paying for it Highly possible Usually not possible There may be a few exceptions, but most mattress companies that sell their products online don’t offer free testing or have their mattresses available in physical stores for physical tryouts.
Price Higher than mattresses sold online Lower than in-store mattresses Because some factors that increase the costs of mattresses, such as overhead costs and sales tax, are eliminated by online companies, they are lower priced than those sold at stores. It is possible to save 15% or more if you buy online.
Quality of Mattress Good Better Many mattresses that can only be bought online have better specifications and are more durable. Plus, they provide better comfort and use higher quality materials than those that are sold exclusively at stores.
Returns Easy to average Easy to difficult Before buying a mattress, it is important to know about the return policies of the mattress to determine the fees and other details.
Convenience Average Very convenient Some people find sales representatives from stores very helpful, but they can cause the customer to feel pressured to buy as well. On the other hand, online buying is definitely convenient because the buyer can take his or her time without pushy sales clerks.

Overall, where you buy your mattress isn’t going to affect how satisfied you are with your mattress. What really matters is the mattress itself. It should be the right one for you, although some factors, such as having an affordable price, using good quality materials, and with great specs, can indeed up both your shopping experience and your happiness with the mattress.

Top Mattresses with Satisfied Owners

If you’re looking for a mattress to replace your old one, you don’t want to go for any mattress. It is, after all, an investment and there are tons of choices these days. You will immediately discern that mattresses are not constructed the same even if they are of the same type. Consequently, the differences between your old mattress and a new one can be astounding, but there are several considerations that come with it. You want something that has enough support for your body without being too firm or too soft. It should also be comfortable enough, so you don’t feel pain due to pressure when you wake up.

Your new mattress should also be durable, so it is worth the money you paid for it, meaning it should last for at least eight years which is the ideal time to replace the mattress. One helpful method of finding a good mattress is to look for a high-rating product in consumer websites. This way can be useful in learning whether you are getting a good deal or not. In the world of memory foam mattresses, one of those with consistently positive reviews is the Amerisleep Revere 12” memory foam mattress. Find out if this is the right mattress for you.

Amerisleep Revere Highlights:

Thickness, Density, and Feel: 12 inches profile with three inches thick premium 4.5 pounds of medium firm memory foam

Breathability: Uses open cell Bio-Pur technology for a temperature-neutral and comfortable sleeping experience

Cover: Come with a cotton cover, which is naturally breathable and good for people with allergies

Sizes: Available in twin, twin XL, full size, queen, king, California king, and split king

Made in the USA: Crafted and manufactured in the USA using plant-based materials and guarantees zero emissions in the environment

What Amerisleep Revere Users Love about This Mattress

With lots of options in the market these days, here are the characteristics of the Amerisleep Revere that makes it stand out from the crowd:
Memory Foam Quality
Amerisleep Revere comes with 12 inches of memory foam. It may seem standard, but it is quite unique. The top portion is comprised of a 4.5 pound memory foam measuring three inches. It is of medium firm support, so it is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Revere only has two layers, but the top layer is very vital, thanks to its Bio-Pur technology. The bottom layer is made up of two pound density foam that measures a total of nine inches to provide ample support even for heavy sleepers.
There are so many reasons why Bio-Pur is a great technology that makes the Revere mattress one of a kind. It is a type of memory foam that is plant-based, so you can be sure it doesn’t contribute any damage to the environment. Using Bio-Pur gives you peace of mind that instead of petroleum-based foams found in many other memory foam mattresses these days, there are plant-derived extracts and oils that don’t have an impact to both the environment and your health. During its construction, the foams are guaranteed to be free from the following unhealthy components:

– Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE), which have been proven to have effects in the hormones among other health effects

– Ozone depleting substances, which add to global warming

– Banned phthalates, which have a negative effect on the reproductive system

– Heavy metals, including mercury and lead, which cause damage at cellular levels

– Formaldehyde, which ups cancer risk

The Revere mattress, however, contains fire retardant barriers that have been proven to be safe to our health. It is also 100% mildew, mold, and dust mite resistant.

If you’re among those who wake up at night, sweating, this mattress is recommended for you. Thanks to its Bio-Pur foam, you don’t have to worry about sleeping hot. This is actually a common concern with memory foam mattresses, but Amerisleep Revere guarantees that you will sleep cool even during warm nights. The huge, open cell structure and the foam being plant-based all contribute to the prevention of heat buildup as well as with airflow throughout the mattress.
No Quicksand Feeling
Another issue with memory foam mattresses is that they tend to make the sleeper feel as if he or she is stuck in the mattress when lying down. Amerisleep Revere has a medium firm feel that lets you move around the bed freely while it effectively conforms to the shape of the body. It has enough hug without restricting movements, so you don’t sink into the mattress more than you want. It responds within a few seconds unlike other memory foam mattresses, so there’s such a great balance. The mattress is able to retain its firmness, while it contours to the body of the sleeper without giving that quicksand feeling, which can destroy a person’s sleep pattern.
“Right Firmness”
While the firmness of a mattress is of personal preference, many people would agree that a medium firm mattress is the way to go – especially if you are new to memory foam. It is firm enough to give the sleeper the right amount of support he or she needs, but is not too firm to create pressure points.
The mattress cover is infused with Celliant, which is a fiber that promotes recovery. It does so by converting the body heat of the sleeper into infrared energy, which therefore gives it the ability to quicken healing from aches and pains. Clinical studies have also shown that Celliant can help people sleep faster – about 15 minutes faster – than mattresses without Celliant fibers.
The Revere mattress from Amerisleep has a 20 year limited warranty, which the consumers can use to protect them from manufacturer defects. The mattress also comes with a 90-night guarantee, which means that if you’re not fully satisfied with the product, you can return it within the mentioned period. You will, of course, receive your money back in full. This gives you peace of mind, especially if you haven’t tested the mattress in a local store.
Amerisleep Revere does not use a cheap type of memory foam, but it is still affordable considering its fine quality. The twin size mattress is only $899 and the queen is just $1,299. You can also get discounts that can go as much as $250 off on the mattress if you shop online. This mattress has an unbeatable price without compromising the quality.
On many consumer websites, such as on Amazon, the Amerisleep Revere receives consistently high ratings of up to 4.7 out of 5 stars. In the Amerisleep website, Revere has the same overall rating.

Is the Amerisleep Revere Mattress for You?

Just like the happy customers of the mattress, you will love the Revere mattress if:

You’re looking for a medium firm mattress. This mattress is neither too soft nor too firm and is actually a great match for many sleepers.

You want a memory foam mattress. This type of mattress, although has the highest number of satisfied customers these days, is not for everyone. However, Amerisleep Revere uses an advanced kind of memory foam, so expect great durability, cooling, and performance as a whole. The Bio-Pur foam itself provides several benefits that you can’t get from standard memory foams out there.

You sleep hot. The mattress has a thin cover, but that’s just one of the reasons why this mattress won’t let you sleep hot. It has two layers of foam that have improved airflow and breathability. Plus, it is bio-based foam, which helps it remain cool on warm nights.

While Amerisleep Revere indeed has many pleasing attributes, not everyone wants memory foam mattresses. Innerspring mattresses don’t have such a high satisfaction rating these days compared to memory foam and other types of mattresses. However, there are still a huge number of people who are more comfortable with this type of mattress. If you’re among them and you want to make sure you will be happy with your purchase, you need to find the right innerspring mattress for you and your needs. If you look at the consumer ratings of spring mattresses, there is one that successfully sets itself apart: the Saatva mattress.

Saatva Mattress Highlights:

Company: Saatva is a brand that sells its mattresses entirely online.

Firmness: Comes in three levels of firmness, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm

Cover: Organic cotton with Euro-style pillow top

Sizes: Available from twin to California King

Thickness: Available in two thickness options: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches

Why Sleepers Love Saatva Mattress

If you’re interested in innerspring mattresses, take a look at the Saatva mattress. Here are some of its attributes that make its users happy sleepers:
Innerspring with Foam
What makes this mattress quite interesting is its construction. It is built with its major feature called coil on coil design in which there are two sets of coils that have been individually wrapped. These coils allow the mattress to respond to the shape of the body. They are hard enough to prevent sagging due to long term use.
Unique Sleep Surface
Unlike other spring mattresses, Saatva comes with a foam encased edge, which gives the sleeper more surface to lie down on. Plus, there’s the plush Euro-style pillow top that provides more cushioning, so the mattress feels more comfortable and even has a better look.
Three Firmness Levels
If you’re not sure about the firmness you want, you can try the Luxury Firm mattress, which is ideal for back, stomach, and side sleepers. Saatva claims it has the same feel as those found in the world’s finest hotels. You can start with this comfort level, especially if you sleep with a partner or you move around a lot at night. The other two firmness levels are Plush Soft and Firm where the former is ideal for side sleepers who want to avoid having dead arms when they’re up while the latter is great for back and stomach sleepers. If you like to feel as if you’re floating on your mattress, the Firm option is a good choice.
Motion Isolation
One problem with spring mattresses is that they aren’t very good with reducing motion. But Saatva is different because it effective isolates movement, particularly at the points where the movements happen. So when you change positions as you sleep or you get out of bed, there is no noticeable movement in the mattress. This is possible because of the individually wrapped coils, which are suspended in the mattress and are isolated from one another so as to reduce vibration when pressure is applied. If you share your bed with your partner and one of you is a light sleeper, this mattress is indeed a good choice.
Air Ventilation
One advantage of the coil construction of the Saatva mattress is that it has improved air ventilation when compared to traditional innerspring mattresses in the market. Just like Amerisleep, Saatva uses bio-based foam and a cotton cover to keep the mattress cool and dry all night.
The mattresses from Saatva are made in the USA using sustainable and renewable materials. According to the company, the mattresses they offer have a serviceable lifespan of at least 12 years. That’s almost three times longer than budget spring and foam mattresses that are in the market today.
No Off-Gassing Issues
Based on the reviews of many users, there is no smell when the mattress was delivered to their home. While it does use memory foam, the company chose to make their mattresses with bio soy foam. This type of foam rapidly off-gasses when it is still being manufactured. A huge problem with many memory foam mattresses is that when they are rolled up and put in an airtight package, they will smell once they are opened. It would take hours to days to even weeks for the mattress to completely off-gas even when in a ventilated room. Saatva mattresses are guaranteed to have no smell even for people who have heightened smell sensitivity such as those who are pregnant and those who have allergies.

It is recommended that you use a foundation for the Saatva mattress to enjoy maximum comfort, lengthen its lifespan, and prevent sagging. You can use your old box spring or your foundation as long as it is in good condition though Saatva offers foundations as well. An added bonus is that using your own foundation or box spring could still keep your warranty secure – something that’s hard to find in other manufacturers.

Saatva offers 75 days for home trial, so if you’re not happy with the mattress, you can return it for a refund though the delivery fee will be deducted. However, there will not be other fees, such as pick up, restocking, or penalty fees.

Other Notable Mattresses

There are other mattresses that also earned good reviews from happy customers and these are:

1. BedInABox Serenity Gel

Serenity Gel Memory Foam Mattress features CoolRest Adaptive Technology, which makes it a good option for people who have a problem sleeping especially during summer months. BedInABox promises that this mattress is their coolest mattress, which has a plush to medium feel. It allows the sleeper float softly on the surface, but is still supportive and remains comfortable.

The mattress has two different kinds of CoolRest Adaptive material, along with the CoolRest gel memory foam. Together, they help make the sleeper comfortable while lying down on the cool surface. There is a cover measuring two inches and has a two-layer phase change material. These layers work together in order to get rid of excess heat and if needed, it will be released to the body. This method is actually based on the technology used in space suits for the astronauts.

Under the cover is a memory foam layer with a three inch profile and then an eight inch layer as the support foam, which improves the resiliency of the mattress. It remains soft, comfortable, and durable for a 13 inch tall mattress.

2. Serta iComfort Hybrid Applause

The iComfort Hybrid Applause from Serta has two firmness options: Plush and Firm. The Applause model comes with individually wrapped coil system, which is comprised of a coil within a coil. The thinner outer coil supplies the support required by the body to maintain the proper alignment of the spine. Meanwhile, the inner coil is much thicker, which is effective for the mattress in dispersing the body weight of the sleeper. This coil is also responsible for reducing motion transfer. The combination of these two coils helps extend the life of the mattress, while improving the comfort felt by the sleeper.

The mattress also uses gel memory foam, known as EverFeel Triple Effect, which gives it a soothing coolness and at the same time, it also offers pain relief for back and neck problems. You can try the mattress for 120 days and discover whether it is what you’re looking for or not. It also has a 10 year warranty in case there’s a problem with the mattress.

How to Be a Happy Customer

To find the right mattress for you, it really helps if you know what you want and what you need. Your preferences and requirements play a huge role in choosing from the vast options of brands and products. At the same time, you should also know what kind of mattresses you should stay away from and these are:

1. Cheap mattresses: These days, you can find mattresses that are under $500 for a queen size. That’s not affordable; that’s cheap. You will find that these kinds of mattresses have bad quality, short lifespan, and unhappy users. Unless you’re shopping for a temporary mattress for your guest or one for your children, you shouldn’t settle for these very cheap beds. They may offer comfort at first, but long term use isn’t possible due to the low quality materials in the mattress that break down fast, causing it to sag in less than three years. Additionally, the warranty coverage is expected to be less, so you may have to replace your mattress sooner than you’re ready to buy again.

2. Thin mattresses: Some people prefer thin mattresses, but not those that are less than eight inches thick. If you’re a side sleeper or you’re heavier than average people, you won’t get the support and cushioning your body requires. As a result, you will wake up with aches and pains because of the increased pressure points. As a recommendation, if you’re over 250 pounds, go for a mattress that is at least 10 inches thick. For those who are 300 pounds and up, the mattress should be 14 inches thick at least. Meanwhile, if you’re a side sleeper, go for one that has at least three inches as cushion material.

3. Poor quality memory foam: Most buyers these days opt for memory foam mattresses and for a good reason. But there are so many options in the market, so it’s easy to pick the wrong one for you. What sets one memory foam mattress to another is the quality of foam used. Some types of foam are too hot and can hug the sleeper excessively. If you can’t move freely on the mattress and you end up sweating too much that your sleep gets disrupted, consider returning the product if it is still possible. And this brings us to the next issue below…

4. No return or exchange policy: If you’re not satisfied with your mattress, it’s always better if you can return it without a fuss to the seller. But this isn’t always true with some companies because there are a number of them that won’t let you return the mattress or you’re required to pay high charges just for a replacement. Before you buy, make sure that the mattress comes with a good return or exchange policy, especially if it’s an online transaction.

5. Poor motion isolation: This isn’t usually a problem with memory foam mattresses, but with innerspring and other types, motion isolation is not a shared trait. Before buying, read about the features of the mattress when it comes to reducing motion, especially if you’re sharing your bed with your partner.

When you buy a mattress, keep the above points in mind and consider the mattresses mentioned in this article to help guide you in finding the best mattress for your needs.