Mattresses with Unique Features for the Best Sleep Experience

Mattresses aren’t just the object in our bedroom where we sleep. It is also the place that provides us comfort and support when we need to relax. If you’ve had your mattress for a long time, you’re probably thinking it’s time to replace it. According to research, you should buy a new mattress every seven to eight years. There are some exceptions though, but that is the recommended time to replace the mattress or at least evaluate it for quality and support.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, making the final decision can be difficult. There are a lot of choices from the brands and the difference in prices as well as the materials and technologies used. It is definitely a huge challenge, but with patience and the right information, you will find the mattress that matches your needs, your preferences, and even your budget.

Your Mattress and Your Sleep Quality

Just like you wouldn’t hike a mountain if you don’t have the right gear, you shouldn’t sleep on a bad mattress. But most of us don’t really give mattresses a thought. In fact, there are a lot of people who settle for the wrong mattress just to save money, despite the reality that we spend 1/3 of our lives in it. But according a poll by the National Sleep Foundation in 2011, 92% of the participants understood that mattresses play a huge role in our sleep quality, so why do we choose the wrong mattress?

We might be tempted to say our budget is to blame, but considering how enough sleep can improve our health in a lot of ways.  The wrong mattress or one that’s too old can cause problems, such as back and neck pain. If you’re having several sleepless nights and you wake up exhausted in the morning, there is a chance that it is your mattress’ fault.

A study by the Research Triangle International and doctors from the Duke University looked at how mattresses can impact sleep, daytime functioning, and pain that could be felt by some sleepers. Almost 130 people were evaluated for more than 16,000 nights and the researchers found that even small differences in the mattress can cause changes in sleep patterns. This indicates that the mattress you sleep on does have an effect on your comfort and body pain.

There are a number of mattresses that will not interfere with our shuteye time, but can actually improve it. This is all thanks to their features that can minimize or even eliminate back problems and even keep you cool throughout the night. If you’re looking for special mattresses with advanced technology that can enhance the quality of your sleep, here are the best choices available in the market today:

Memory Foam

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, Amerisleep is the best example of a mattress that offers a number of features that improve sleep quality. While the features may vary from one model to another, there are some similarities across the Amerisleep mattresses. Here they are:

1. Celliant

If you haven’t heard about Celliant, it is a type of fiber that is present in athletic gear. It is a patented group of micro-sized elements that are made up of different materials, including aluminum oxide and silicon. These elements are combined and made into a resin, which will then be interwoven into the Celliant material’s fibers.

But what’s so great about Celliant? This particular fiber uses natural energy that comes from the body of the sleeper. This energy is then transformed into different channels and one of them is infrared light. There are some studies that show how infrared light has numerous benefits for the body such as:

– Improved body temperature regulation

– Better circulation

– Increased cell oxygenation

How can Celliant improve your sleep quality? One of the biggest advantages of Celliant fibers is that it increases blood flow, which results to better functioning of the body. When there is an improvement in how the body functions, this allows you to perform your tasks better. Additionally, it promotes pain relief and healing due to better oxygenation.

Such benefit can’t be felt immediately though, but over time you will sense the progress. You will however feel the coolness of the fabric, particularly in Amerisleep’s mattress covers since they are infused by Celliant. The moment you lie down on the mattress, you will instantly feel the cooling benefits of the cover. The Celliant fibers are actually designed to prevent heat retention since they are quite breathable. Additionally, body heat that’s converted to infrared light can make sure that internal body temperature is effectively controlled. All these benefits result to a cool and comfortable sleep surface.

2. SMT

Surface modification technology or SMT is found in two of Amerisleep models namely Independence and Colonial. Surface modification is when a particular material’s surface is modified to physically, chemically, or biologically be different from the original. When it comes to Amerisleep mattresses, SMT is present as a special addition to memory foam, which allows the material to respond to the body in a unique way. SMT is found at the bottom of the Amerisleep foams and comes with precise patterned channels, which results to better pressure relief and at the same time, improves breathability of the mattress.

The textured channels allow the air to circulate in and around the mattress, which prevents it from being trap. This leads to a much cooler feeling when you lie down on the mattress. Additionally, the SMT pattern used in Amerisleep mattresses provides help in pressure relief, so you sleep soundly at night and you wake up feeling fresh and without pain.

3. Plant-Based Foam

Amerisleep promises that their foams are much healthier than standard foams found in other memory foam mattresses. The foam used is called Bio-Pur, which is mainly plant-based and offers several benefits, including enhanced support, temperature regulation, and responsiveness. Because Bio-Pur is plant-based, it is eco-friendly and doesn’t follow the traditional use of petroleum in the foams. Instead, Amerisleep uses oils and extracts that come from plants, while making sure that the process of manufacturing the mattresses is friendly to the environment.

What makes the bio-based foams healthy? The foams don’t have harmful components, including phthalates that have been banned, along with chemicals that contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, polybrominated diphenyl ethers that are chemicals used as flame retardants, and formaldehyde. The foams are also free from heavy metals, such as mercury and lead.

One of the problems with memory foams as well as other types of mattresses is the collection of mildew or mold. But Amerisleep foams are made to be resistant from dust mites and mildew, so those with allergies can sleep on the mattress without worries.

How can plant-based foams help you sleep better at night? The memory foam used in Amerisleep mattresses has large, open cell structure, which allows air to flow easily all around the mattress. This prevents heat buildup, so you sleep faster, longer, and more comfortably. The mattresses are designed to keep you on top of the mattress with a comfortable level of hug depending on the comfort level you choose. But all of them will allow you to move freely, so you don’t feel that you are stuck in the mattress as it responds to your body quickly.

Other Great Amerisleep Mattress Qualities that will Help You Sleep Peacefully

Aside from the three mentioned qualities above, the mattresses from Amerisleep also feature the following to help you sleep even better at night:

Peace of mind: Due to the fact that the mattresses are free from harmful components, including fire retardants that can affect your health, you can sleep peacefully at night. Fire retardants in other mattresses are chemical-based, but not in Amerisleep, which uses a safe fire sock with rayon and silica – both of which are natural as they are wood pulp turned to fiber and sand respectively.

Environmentally-Conscious Process: Manufacturing the Amerisleep mattresses uses a process called Variable Pressure Foaming or VPF. This method involves closed-air manufacturing process, unlike other brands that use open-air process. Since the mattresses are made in a closed facility, Amerisleep gains better control over the creation process and at the same time, this helps remove pollutants in the air that could penetrate the mattress.

Better Support: The bio-care base of the mattresses measures from six to nine inches – plenty of foam to keep you feeling comfortable on it. Additionally, this foundational layer enhances the support of the mattresses, especially if you compare it to other memory foam mattresses on the market. It also acts as deep compression support, so heavier people will still feel comfortable and avoid creating pressure points as they sink into the mattress.

What’s even better is that Amerisleep offers their mattresses as such great prices. Knowing that you didn’t spend a lot on these high-quality mattresses can help you sleep peacefully at night. Plus, if you have a problem with the mattress and you’re unhappy with it, you can return it for a refund or a replacement as long as you made the complaint 90 days upon receiving the mattress. Within the first 10 years of ownership, you can take advantage of the full replacement coverage of the warranty if there are defects in the mattress. The next 10 years are prorated.


When it comes to innerspring mattresses and you’re looking for one that has excellent features that will help you sleep better, longer, and faster, Saatva is one of the best choices. Here are the best features of the Saatva mattress that will keep you comfortable all night long:

1. Green Materials

Saatva doesn’t just use high quality materials; they use organic materials, particularly on the outer cover of the mattress. Aside from that, the springs used in the mattresses come from recycled steel. Finally, they have a layer of memory foam that is derived from plants.

How do green materials affect our sleep? There have been a lot of complaints about allergic reactions in standard mattresses. This is why Saatva understands the needs of the consumers to ensure that their mattress is free from such problem, so they addressed it by using organic materials that are guaranteed to promote an allergy-free sleep experience. The cover fabric has organic cotton, along with hypoallergenic fibers to not only prevent allergies, but also meet fire prevention standards. Instead of using harmful chemicals as fire retardants, Saatva uses a natural thistle barrier, which also remains gentle on the skin.

From the recycled tempered steel to the bio-based foams to the organic cover, you are sure that you will sleep peacefully at night. You’re not only sleeping on a healthy mattress and you’re breathing clean air, but you’re also contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gasses produced when creating ordinary mattresses.

2. Careful Processing

Aside from the green materials, the foams in the Saatva mattresses are not processed using irritating solutions, such as formaldehyde. They also make sure that the foams meet standards of safety, environment, and health by allowing tests from certain agencies. What’s more, the mattresses are handcrafted to ensure they are carefully and thoroughly designed according to the needs of the sleepers.

After crafting the mattresses, they are immediately packed in an especially designed plastic that have micro-openings. These tiny holes allow the mattress to breathe, but they are small enough, so that foreign particles cannot enter. With the manufacturing process until the mattress is delivered into your home, you are sure that bed bugs and other insects aren’t present in the bedding.

3. Coil on Coil and Wrapped Coils

Saatva offers factory direct mattresses, but unlike other companies that use all-foam in their products, Saatva takes a unique path. Instead of 100% foam, they use a method of construction that’s called coil on coil. This denotes that there are two layers of steel coil. The first layer, which is found at the bottom part of the mattress, is for extra support. This way, you will feel that the mattress can hold your weight and it will be evenly dispersed throughout the mattress. This results to a pain-free sleep experience. The second layer is for comfort and the contour coils are securely wrapped in foam. Each of the coils is individually wrapped and they are designed to reduce motion transfer, while allowing the mattress to conform to the shape of the body. The combination of the two layers of coils can help you achieve great comfort and support, which you can sense no matter what sleep style you prefer.

Other Features

Aside from the features mentioned above, Saatva also offers the following in their mattresses:

Better Edge Support: When there’s good edge support in your mattress, you are more comfortable whether you’re sleeping or sitting on the edge of the bed. This even adds to the space where you can sleep, since you won’t feel that you will fall of the mattress. Clearly, this helps you enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

Additional Lumbar Support: This is thanks to the thin layer of memory foam on top of the first layer. Although thin, it provides adequate support for the back, which helps you sleep better at night.

Cooler Sleep: Thick layers of memory foam can contribute to sleeping hot, so you can be sure that you will have no problems with heat retention when on a Saatva mattress. You also won’t feel as if you’re stuck in the mattress as there will be no excessive hug that will take place.

Plush: The cover is soft and breathable, which adds to the coolness of the surface of the mattress. But that’s not all; organic cotton gives that plush feeling and on top of that, there’s a Euro-style pillow top that will make the mattress even more comfortable.

There’s only one Saatva mattress as of the moment, but there are three comfort levels available. You can choose from a Plush (soft), a Luxury Firm (medium), or a Firm mattress. They have luxury mattresses at an affordable price and the warranty is 15 years. You can also return the mattress if you’re not happy with it provided that you do so within 120 days of receiving the mattress.


If you have your eye on a latex mattress, you may want to look at the Nest Bedding Latex Hybrid Mattress. Although it is not 100% latex as the name suggests, it has some features that will help you sleep better throughout the night. Here they are:

1. Dunlop Latex

Dunlop latex refers to the process of how latex is manufactured. It is a practice that has existed since 1929 in which the thick rubber sap is creamed until it froths in a centrifuge. Then, the sap will be poured into a mold, which is covered and will be steam-baked as well. There will be natural sediments in the concoction, which will settle at the bottom of the mold. These sediments will make the Dunlop layers a little bit firmer on the bottom.

Dunlop processing allows the latex to become denser, heavier, and firmer. When used in a mattress, it helps it become more durable. More often than not, Dunlop latex is used as a component as a base core.

How will Dunlop latex make you sleep better? Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex features three inches of all natural Dunlop latex, which is found in the middle layer of the mattress. This is the layer of the mattress that’s designed to provide coolness and comfort for the sleeper, while making sure that pressure points are eliminated. Dunlop latex allows the mattress to have great bounce and it is quite responsive as well. Hybrid Latex also makes sure that you will sleep cool and at the same time, this layer works as a transitional layer to the layer below it that features the pocketed coils.

2. 1,100 Individually Wrapped Coils

The layer mentioned above measures seven inches in height and consists of five-zone pocketed coils, which provide comprehensive support for the mattress. The coil count is 1,100 for a queen mattress and they are all individually wrapped. It offers both standard and deep compression support and even acts as the foundational support of the Latex Hybrid. The five-zone coils are there to make sure that the mattress has adequate support for the sleeper, particularly in the spots where it is needed the most. This makes sure that you remain comfortable and well-supported no matter where you place your weight.

3. Organic Cotton and Wool

The Nest Hybrid Latex mattress has a cover that’s all-natural as it is made from organic cotton. Its inner lining is comprised of organic wool as well. These two materials are excellent at making sure you feel good as you sleep. Organic cotton is made to be breathable, which means that the cover of the mattress adds to the cooling comfort offered by the mattress. Meanwhile, wool has been regularly used as a natural regulator for temperature. It can effectively pull heat away from the body of the sleeper, so that the sleeping surface remains cool throughout the night – even during the summer season.

Additionally, the combination of wool and cotton allows the mattress to have a much softer feel. When you lie down on the mattress, there is an initial sensation of softness without worrying about the supportive characteristics of the main material, which is latex.

Other Features

If you want to know more about Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress and how it can help you sleep better at night, here are some more features that you may be interested in:

Good Level of Comfort: The hybrid mattress offers a medium feel mattress, but you can also find one that’s very firm in case that’s what you want. Plus, there’s a split mattress, which is a good option for couples who want to have different comfort levels on each side. This can help both of you stay comfortable since both of your preferences are met.

No Off-Gassing: No one wants to sleep on a mattress that smells like new. It is not only uncomfortable, but can be quite irritating, especially for people who have a sensitive sense of smell. This isn’t a problem with the mattress though. Due to the use of organic materials, the Hybrid Latex mattress doesn’t give off as much smell as other mattresses. Moreover, the construction process doesn’t involve any foam in it as it only has the coils and latex. This prevents the excessive s

The mattress is quite bouncy because of latex and its mixture with coils. This is great for couples who want to add some more enjoyment in their bedroom activities. Unfortunately, this is less than ideal for those who are looking for a mattress that can help with isolating motion. If you don’t share the bed with your partner or he/she doesn’t really move much, this Nest Bedding mattress may be something you’d like. It is a little pricey though, but with the features and the use of organic materials in a latex mattress, it is hard to find one other product that can match it. It also has a trial period of 100nights and a warranty of 20 years.

Other Features You Will Find in Some Mattresses

There are also some mattresses with extra features to make you feel comfortable as soon as you lie down. When skimming through their specs, you will mostly find the following:

1. High Coil Count

For 50 years, the standard for a queen mattress has been around 800 coils. This means that if two people lie down on a mattress, these 800 coils can support them – even if one of them is much heavier than the other. But if 800 coils are enough, why do we find mattresses with more than this number? While there are some who might say that coil count doesn’t matter, it actually does for some reasons. One is that more coils equate to more comfort and support. If you go for a mattress that has similar construction, but doesn’t have the same number of coils, you will feel the difference, if not at the beginning, then over time. This is because the coil count has a direct impact on the durability of the mattress.

2. Excellent Motion Transfer

Motion transfer, which you may sometimes read as motion isolation, is particularly important to those who share their beds with other people. When the mattress offers excellent motion transfer, the sleeper can move freely while the other one isn’t disturbed by the motion. This is because no movement and energy are carried through the materials of the mattress. Whether it is to reposition themselves or to roll over, these normal sleep patterns will not affect the person on the other side of the bed.

If you have a partner who tosses and turns while sleeping or you’re simply a light sleeper, you should look for a mattress that can reduce the feel of movements. Memory foam is the best type of mattress when it comes to motion transfer and currently, latex and innerspring are the worst types of mattresses. Latex is quite bouncy and the movement of one person can easily be felt by the other. As for springs or those with coils, they can be shock absorbers so this can be a problem. If you’re fixed on springs, go for those that use ridged or non-flexing springs. There are also hybrid mattresses that have a memory foam layer on top of the coils to absorb motion. Additionally, there are mattresses that are individually wrapped in foam and are far apart from each other so motion will not vibrate into each of them.

3. Enhanced Temperature Regulation

No one wants to sleep hot and wake up sweating in the middle of the night. This is a common problem during the hot summer season as well as those who live in places with warmer climates. The problem can be exacerbated with the wrong mattress. Many memory foam mattress owners actually have this complaint. If you tend to sleep hot, you should be careful in choosing a memory foam mattress. Make sure it has good temperature regulation capabilities.

As mentioned above, Amerisleep does an excellent job at keeping the sleeper cool throughout the night. The difference between their mattresses and the other ones in the market lies in the Celliant technology used. Additionally, the fabric and the mattress itself are breathable with open-cell structure to make sure air flows freely throughout the mattress. This keeps the mattress and the sleeper cool.

If you wake up sweaty, your old mattress could be the one to blame. Once you have decided that you will replace your mattress with a memory foam mattress, one of the things you should look for is its ability to regulate temperature. A mattress may offer different solutions to help you sleep comfortably and coolly. For instance, you can find a mattress with channeled base foam as well as comfort layers that have been modified to enable airflow. There are also some that use a type of “cooling gel” that could be infused with phase change material. Before you buy, make certain that you not only read the reviews about the product, but also understood the cooling solutions offered by the mattress.

4. Certified by Agencies Like CertiPUR-US

Not all mattresses undergo a checkup, but it does help you sleep better if you know that your bed will keep you free from worries. CertiPUR-US guarantees that the foam you buy meets their standards when it comes to the materials used, the emissions, and even the durability of the mattress. CertiPUR-US has accredited and independent labs for testing the foams used in the mattresses.

When a mattress is approved by the organization, you can be sure that they are free from ozone depleters, such as chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs. There are also no flame retardants used as well as heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates that have been banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The foams also emit low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so that you breathe quality air indoors.

5. Infused Memory Foam

As you browse through the selection of mattresses in the market, you will also find that there are a number of them with infusions, such as gel, copper, and many others. Before you get tempted to buy mattresses that are infused with other materials, make sure you understand what their purpose is. For instance, copper infused mattresses are quite rare and may be appealing for you, but do you know what it is for? Copper infusions are often heard of in socks and knee braces and are said to improve joint pain and circulation.

As for gel infused foams, they are mostly to keep you cool as you sleep. Based on the products available, gel foams have much higher density than regular foams. They also warm more slowly and when a mattress is infused with gel, particularly at the top comfort layer, there is an initial feeling of coolness. However, there is still a debate as to whether or not it is indeed effective.

Mattress features play a vital role in your shopping process. With the differences in specs, you can immediately discern which one is good for you and which one is not. Although there will still be other factors that may come into play, such as the comfort level and your budget, the features of the mattress that can help you sleep better can speed things up particularly as you make your final decision.